For all of 2020, I’m running VENT: a collaboration between VICE and Brent London Borough of Culture, 2020. We have 2 podcast streams, all co-produced with 16-20 year olds from Brent. Not gna lie, this is very close to my dream job. I get to co-produce podcasts with 16-20 year olds, about whatever they want. It’s pretty sick!

VENT Documentaries Series Two: LOVE, is out soon! Here’s a lil trailer:

VENT Documentaries Series One was all about Identity Here’s a good episode to start with:

VENT Weekly is our discussion show, my current fave episode is this:

We’ve also started a new mini series called Covid-19 Fact Checkers. You can listen here:

We did ANOTHER mini series for Mental Health Awareness Week. Here’s an episode I loved from that:

In terms of my job, I am the Senior Producer of this project – it’s definitely the biggest thing I’ve ever done. I have designed and I oversee the format and content of all of VENT Podcasts. I work directly with young people – I’ve developed outreach and training programmes to get them involved. I also think it’s really important for all the content and scripting of the podcasts to come from the young people themselves – I’ve developed new ways of co-producing to make sure they young people’s voices are at the front and centre of everything we do. I work with an amazing team – for some of whom it’s their first time making podcasts – and I’ve designed and delivered production training for them too. My favourite bit is the audio stuff – I produce VENT Documentaries, alongside my excellent pallaborator Arlie Adlington. Alongside this I oversee production on VENT Weekly until last edits and mixing, which I do.

Miranda Sawyer wrote a review of VENT Podcasts! Here’s a fun link, and a photo is below.

We also got a write up in NME! You can read here: